LoQutus API Management Hackathon

End of last year, we thought it would be a good time for all our consultants in the integration unit to get some more insights in the key concepts of API management and to get some really hands-on experience with a variety of software from different vendors, and have some fun while we’re at it. What better way to do that than to organize our own API management hackathon!

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Navigating through the information model labyrinth

When modelling information, it is important to balance easy to understand high level overviews with accurate and detailed models. In the beginning of a project, all there is are high-level overviews. Often they are not yet complete, and they are not very useful once you get into the details.

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Translating integration requirements: notification pattern

In this blog post I want to highlight a very simple yet powerful integration pattern: the notification pattern. The reason why it's not often used is because it does not map requirements one-to-one (and let’s be honest, it's also more complex than a simple point-to-point connection).

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Business at the speed of paper

Are you struggling with the vast amount of information on paper coming into your organization every day?

Do you experience it as a day-to-day challenge to limit the pile of unprocessed paperwork?

Is paper taking over your Legal, Finance and HR departments?

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Let our workshops enchant you

When you hire consultants, you expect magic to happen. Our vast amount of experience, similar cases, profound knowledge and standardized methods should spark in pretty much every sentence.

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De Betonstop opvolgen? Via een dashboard!

In december vorig jaar hoorden we allemaal over de 'betonstop'. Doelstelling is om tegen 2040 geen bijkomend ruimtebeslag te hebben. Momenteel is het ruimtebeslag op Vlaams niveau nog gemiddeld 6 hectare per dag. Tegen 2025 moet dit gereduceerd zijn tot 3 hectare per dag.

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